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TypeError: Cannot read property '_gui' of undefined --> when attempting to run online

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I designed this experiment that runs fine on psychopy builder, however I keep getting this error ( * TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_gui’ of undefined) when I run online. Anybody knows what the problem might be?
I’m running on windows10 and psychopy version 2020.2.4

Hey @KSal, as it happens your rloc, lloc, cloc variables are undeclared when you pass them on to setPos(), could you try initialising those using some kind of a numerical value? Does that change anything? x

Thanks for the quick reply!

I don’t know if I completely understand what intialising would entail.

However, if it could be insightful, those variables are columns in my excel file with differing location (ex:[-0.5, 0] ) at every row.

No problem, as it happens being able to parse array looking trial data like ‘[0, 0.8]’ is a relatively new addition to PsychoJS that is temporarily disabled on Pavlovia’s servers. I have now added the relevant bits in my fork, are you OK copying those changes over to your repo? Here to help, s.

Hi, sorry for the delay.
Of course, thanks for the modification. So if I’m understanding correctly, currently the format of my locations is preventing the experiment to run online. Can it be resolved with changing my location units to something more accurate?
Ultimately, my goal was to have specific locations so that the stimuli (2 or 3 depending on the trial) would all appear in the center conjointly.
Thank you again for your insight, I greatly appreciate your help!