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Changing text component is not visible online

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Dear all,

I have some text components in my experiment which show fake answers from other subjects. Those are defined in an excel sheet and retrieved with a definition like $answer1. It works offline but unfortunately not via pavlovia. Do I miss something basical?

Best regards,

@Vinzenz, this should be related to how you have defined you positions in your conditions file. The PsychoJS library deals with imported lists differently to PsychoPy, so to resolve, you just need to add your x, y coordinates in separate columns in your conditions file (e.g., columns for xPos, yPos), and then reference those variables individually in the pos field of your text components:

[xPos, yPos]

Thank you for the reply that is good to know. Actually to use two colums for every position was to cumbersome in my opinion. So I fixed the problem by adding four more text components (on the originally switching positions) with the same text but a changing opacity.