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How to code image position in Pavlovia


My experiment runs in PsychoPy, but I have problems visualizing images on Pavlovia.
The problem occurs because I did not correctly code the image positions. I have a variable ‘ImagePos’ which codes image positions in my conditions xlsx file. It looks like a set of coordinates (e.g., [0, 0.5]). Should I code it in a different way? Like adding ; ([0, 0.5];) in Java style?

@MarinaIosifian, for online studies, it is best to code your x and y positions separately in your conditions file, and feed them to the position field in your component. E.g., in conditions file, posX, posY will contain your x, y coordinates, and your component will have the following: [posX, posY]

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And it worked! Thank you very much :grinning: