SOLVED: Chaining Prolific ID from Pavlovia Surveys to Pavlovia (PsychoPy)

I am using Prolific for my study, which first involves a Pavlovia Survey, and then involves a Pavlovia (PsychoPy) experiment. My Prolific ID will pass through the Pavlovia Survey URL, but disappears when I get to the PsychoPy experiment. What is incorrect about my URL parameter usage?

Here is the format of my completion link of the Pavlovia survey, which leads to my Pavlovia experiment.
WHStories [PsychoPy]’ + {%PROLIFIC_PID%}

I also have a parameter that I created in the Builder’s experiment info section, where participant = {%PROLIFIC_PID%} .

SOLVED: deleting the %% from the URL and from the Builder allowed the URL to be passed through in the participant variable, and the ID now appears in the output CSV. This is because my first of two Pavlovia Surveys daisy-chain used &PROLIFIC_PID='+{PROLIFIC_PID} without %.

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