Trouble with Git push for jsPsych experiment

I have an experiment that was created with jsPsych. I was able to successfully create a repo on GitLab yesterday with a different jsPsych experiment and I successfully pushed my local files to that repo (this was just test files for me since I’d never done this).

When I attempt to do the same thing with my actual project, I’ve gotten numerous errors. I think I’ve resolved all but one of them. When I try to push files to the repo (using git push, git push ., or git push -A) I get an error that says “fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly”. Then gitlab crashes for me and I am unable to reload my gitlab page for 20-30 minutes. I am also unable to access at this time.

If I try to push files again, I get this error.

This makes sense to me, because I am unable to access my gitlab page currently.

I will try to remember to post a picture of the original upload error when I have access again.

I have no idea what is causing this issue or why it’s killing my Gitlab access either. My only guess is related to using an ssh key, but I saw other posts indicating that ssh keys were usable again. And I was successfully able to use an ssh key yesterday, so I’m not sure this is it.

Any help is appreciated!


This is the initial error that causes everything to crash:

Also, GitLab and Pavlovia not loading is somehow related to my internet connection…I’m not really sure how or why though. I have been working on my laptop and therefore using WiFi at my house. When GitLab and Pavlovia are not responding, I cannot access either from my phone on Wifi. If I turn off Wifi on my phone, the pages load just fine. I’m not sure if this helps or makes it worse…