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Triggers in biosemi

Psychopy 1.82.01, Windows 7 (64)

I created an experiment using Builder but I cant mark triggers in the same way. ( Long story. In our lab we have modified configuration file or something like that and… Psychopy can not find labjack. ) Therefore, I designate triggers with additional code. Everything seems to work well, but I have one problem. My experiment is to present a series of photos that are divided by ratings. images (10 s.) - rating - 10 s.(in loop, images are define by excel). I have two idea. 1. I am planning to put trigger at beggining of routine and at the end of routine (images is one routine, ratings is next routine). For exemple trigger 1 for start routine and trigger 2 for end. Is that a good solution? Co-worker claims that i should not use loop and create routines for all images. Also ech routine should have own set of triggers (start and end trigger). He claims that it will make it easier for me to cut data for analysis. In his opinion if I use only two triggers biosemi will cut all record. From trigger nr 1 to trigger nr 2 . Including a record of ratings.
My second idea is that i cant define trigger via excel. How can i do that?

It is this code.
Begin experiment
from psychopy import visual, core, event
from win32api import GetSystemMetrics
from labjack import u3
import labjackU3

And trigger