Setting up triggers in Psychopy Builder

What are you trying to achieve?:
I have an experiment that has two types of stimuli (match or mismatch) and each stimuli has two conditions (same or different), and participants are asked to press the left button for no and right button for yes following different questions. Each trial has a combination of all the above elements. For example: match, same, and the response in this case would be yes. The stimuli, conditions and correct answers are defined in an excel file. The experiment works perfectly.
Now however, I would like to add triggers for each stimuli, condition and response. What is the best way to do this?Do I define it in my excel file? Do I have a different trigger for each stimuli and each condition? or do I have a trigger for each combination like the one above? and how do I introduce triggers for either left or right response.
I havent coded anything, this experiment was designed using builder.

Any help is greatly appreciated



You can add the triggers in builder for each stimuli and state the trigger number for each of them, along with appropriate conditions. This is simplest way to do it.
Hope it helps!


I have an excel file with the triggers added from 1 to 3. My question is, in the part when I need to add the parallel port in PsychPy, how do I add the triggers? is it automatically? for example in the p_port properties I have $triggers
Will, that run the triggers? or there is another way to add them?
thanks again