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Traceback Error while uploading to Pavlovia


My code is working on my computer but I can’t upload to Pavlovia. I am getting Traceback. I have attached the screenshot of my error.

Grateful for any help!

Your KeyError suggests that you are trying to access something like expInfo[‘Questions’] but it doesn’t exist. Please check your spellings and capitalisations.

Thank you! But “Questions” is my Routine. Here are the files to my code:

slider.psyexp (25.0 KB)
ques.xlsx (13.3 KB)

Its still is giving me some traceback error. I rechecked all the spellings. I am not sure why I am still getting an error.

I haven’t looked yet (I’m on my phone) but you should try changing the name of your routine. I suspect that you’ve used Questions to mean something else too.

I changed the routine name but I didn’t help. Here are other errors that I got. One think I noticed is that after deleting the js, html and index files and rebooting Psychopy. I am able to upload it online and can successfully run it. After this, even if I dont make any changes, I am getting a traceback. Here are two types of messages I got - one with "[‘radio’] (slider component option) and Cant represent param of type color.

Can’t represent a param of type color is an error you get in text components if you try to edit an experiment that has been updated to 2021 with a 2020 version. You can do some direct edits to the psyexp file but probably the best option would be to upgrade.

I have updated the Psychopy to the latest version and still am facing the same problem! :frowning:

Any solution?