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Font weight of unread message titles

When quickly browsing through the front page, I actually find it quite hard to tell apart read and unread topics. It appears that the titles of unread topics are typeset in a slightly bolder font than read topics (or is is just black vs gray?), but it’s not really sufficient for my eyes the make a quick judgment :slight_smile: Am I the only one experiencing this difficulty?

+1, Me too. I’d like unread to be in black bold (as in Google Groups and Gmail).

For the power user, one solution is to press g, u to g to unread. And then g, h when you’re done to go home. But most users won’t do this so I think it’s still a good idea to consider making unread more prominent.

BTW, @richard, you should have made this a poll using the [poll] syntax!

  • Keep unread formatting as it is
  • Make it bold and black
  • Something else (reply to this topic)

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