Tobii pro on OSX 12.3 Monterrey returns (0,0) gaze coordinates

Dear community,

I am trying to setup Tobii pro to work in Psychopy 2022.2.5.
I have followed all the steps to use the Tobii pro eyetracker object (see code below) and I want to recover the x and y gaze coordinates to draw online eye positions in an extended display (which is setup as the main screen). Nevertheless, the output I am recovering for the x and y position is 0 (when I look to the screen, if I look out of the screen I get nans).

See here one sample output:

BinocularEyeSampleEventNT(experiment_id=0, session_id=0, device_id=0, event_id=1767, type=52, device_time=3931889794, logged_time=27.436136332980823, time=27.42369433300337, confidence_interval=0.0, delay=0.012441999977454543, filter_id=0, left_gaze_x=0.0, left_gaze_y=0.0, left_gaze_z=0, left_eye_cam_x=0.5655124187469482, left_eye_cam_y=0.5642527937889099, left_eye_cam_z=0.43369391560554504, left_angle_x=0, left_angle_y=0, left_raw_x=0, left_raw_y=0, left_pupil_measure1=2.994232177734375, left_pupil_measure1_type=77, left_pupil_measure2=0, left_pupil_measure2_type=0, left_ppd_x=0, left_ppd_y=0, left_velocity_x=0, left_velocity_y=0, left_velocity_xy=0, right_gaze_x=0.0, right_gaze_y=0.0, right_gaze_z=0, right_eye_cam_x=0.42657262086868286, right_eye_cam_y=0.5591907501220703, right_eye_cam_z=0.43298274278640747, right_angle_x=0, right_angle_y=0, right_raw_x=0, right_raw_y=0, right_pupil_measure1=2.99920654296875, right_pupil_measure1_type=77, right_pupil_measure2=0, right_pupil_measure2_type=0, right_ppd_x=0, right_ppd_y=0, right_velocity_x=0, right_velocity_y=0, right_velocity_xy=0, status=0)

I have also thought I need to create a display window in order to obtain gaze positions coordinates, but it did not work as well. Have any of you faced a similar problem? Could you share some functional code that I could test.

Thank you very much,

This is the code I am using to test the eyetracker.

from psychopy.iohub import launchHubServer
from psychopy.core import getTime, wait
from psychopy.iohub.constants import EventConstants

iohub_config = {'eyetracker.hw.tobii.EyeTracker':
    {'name': 'tracker', 'runtime_settings': {'sampling_rate': 60}}}

#iohub_config = {'eyetracker.hw.mouse.EyeTracker': {}}

io = launchHubServer(**iohub_config)

# Get the eye tracker device.
tracker = io.devices.tracker

# Check for and print any eye tracker events received...

stime = getTime()
while getTime()-stime < 10.0:
    for out in tracker.getEvents(): # check what the eventconstants do
        print(out.left_gaze_y, out.left_gaze_x)

Are you calibrating before you try to record gaze coordinates? At a glance what’s missing is

r = tracker.runSetupProcedure()

This should run a calibration according to the default settings (a five-point calibration I think). The 0,0 may just be the default for uncalibrated samples.

Thanks Jonathan,

I calibrated the eyetracker using the TobiiproEyetrackerManager app. I do not exacly why but when I try to use r = tracker.runSetupProcedure, the computer freezes showing a grey screen and I must reset the python kernel.
I will check the error message, but I think that it is related to a problem with identifying the macbookpro touchbar as another screen…

I will try running the psychopy calibration protocol on a windows/linux computer. Perhaps psychopy needs tracker.runsetupProcedure() to be run prior collecting gaze data in order to work properly (and the tobiimanager app is not enough).