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Eye position issue_tobii sdk 3.1.0 with psychopy controller

Hello everyone, I installed PsychoPy-1.84.2 and tobii sdk 3.1.0, to connect tobiitx300 eye tracker established connection and getting the calibration window, But the position of the eye is not getting fixed before starting the calibration with the below message
"You’re currently 0 cm away from the screen Press space to calibrate or esc to abort" though am moving eyes the distance is not changed and showing 0.

could you please assist me to going forward :slight_smile: thank you guys.

Are you running the examples in ioHub?
you have to specify the screen size, the distance in the setting file. (Yaml file)

I didnt run the examples in iohub, I run the file given by psychopy people by placing it in tobii sdk3.1.0 samples folder. Actually i am new to psychopy/iohub, so I am confused which file i need to run? If you dont mind can you be more specific and also can you share the file names in which we need to make changes wat changes I need to make?
It would very helpful if you give instructions :slight_smile: thank you.

OK. Would you specify the link for “”? (31.1 KB)

Here is the file am using

this is the web link of controller i am using. thank you.

Sorry for long delay.
I just checked your code.
I think you have to check line 667 to 673, whether your PsychoPy have the screen with proper resolution and size.
Then check the distance is set appropriately.
0cm seems it lost tracking.
I checked the code with T120 and TX60XL and both works well.