Unable to get pupil data using Tobii

Hi, I am trying to use Tobii eye tracker and psychopy to design an experiment. I am able to get the coordinates but not the pupil data. I tried using BinocularEyeSampleEvent but I only get a list of "None"s. Can someone please help with this? What other information/code about my project should I add so that someone can help?

Thank you


The way I have used the Tobii Eye tracker in the past is by having an experiment written purely in the coder. I then used the Tobii Pro SDK: Python - Getting started - Tobii Pro SDK documentation

Could you perhaps share the code where you are setting up the eye tracker and receiving the eye tracking data?

Thank you so much for your response!
I am using the “code” element in psychopy to add some new code. I am sharing the latest version of the python file so that you can see the entire code. I have tried to make the code as legible as it occurred to me.

eyetrack1.py (14.8 KB)