Timestamps - who's timezone gets stamped?

Description of the problem:

I ran a couple of studies using Pavlovia and Google Forms and need to compare timestamps from Pavlovia and Google Forms to check participants done what they were supposed to when they were supposed to.

I’m noticing weird things though, whenever I compare just Google forms everything looks fine and whenever I compare just Pavlovia files things also look fine, but when I compare the two weird things happen. I have recruited participants from UK, Canada, US. One of the two isn’t in UK time (where I am) I think.

What does Timestamp actually mean?
Does it give the time for when the participant did the task in their timezone?
Or does it stamp it with the timezone for where the servers are?
Or does is it in when they done it in my time?


I believe that the time in the data file name is GMT

Thanks for getting back to me.
*I’m in GMT
*the experiment is finished
*I just need to know how to check what the timestamps are set to, and how to make them GMT if they are not without having to manually convert 1500 files, because my time calculation error seems to only be showing for international participants, so I figure either Pavlovia or Google Form needs adjusting.