Time zone for time in name of CSV file when using Pavlovia


I was wondering if someone could tell me what time zone pavlovia uses? I need to match the time on my experiments to the time recorded from another website. When my Pavlovia experiments save as a csv file, it looks like this:


I’m assuming that the 09h18.22.494 is referring to a time. If so, does anyone know what time zone it’s in? If not, what is this referring to?

Thank you!

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Hi willi4cm,
Were you able to find the answer to this question? I am similarly interested and have not been able to work it out.

The filename is generated in the participant’s browser, and hence, is recorded using their locale with whatever timezone their system is set to. The auto-generated “date” column inside the file itself is the same. Note that this is the start-time of the session (when the experiment is started). Because participant system settings vary (including clock calibration), I would not rely on this timestamp for anything crucial.

A reliable file timestamp can be found in GitLab instead (eg, hover your mouse over the Last update column), which is in UTC. This is the end-time of the session (when the file is saved).

However, if you need timestamps for data analysis, then the best thing to do is to code the experiment to save them programmatically (at start and/or end, as needed).

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