Matching two databases via Timestamp recorded by Pavlovia

Dear all,

I made a cross-cultural test across the globe, together with the help of a consumer agency.

Consumers were asked to answer to a questionnaire and then were redirected to a Pavlovia link to perform the behavioral task.
Unfortunately the ID of the participants wasnt properly stored by the consumer agency. This hugely complexify the matching between the two databases (questionnaire + Pavlovia). Unless IP address of the participant is recorded somewhere (I do not see it, so this is unlikely to be the case), the only option I see is that we need to use timestamps to match data from the two sources.

I was wondering what is the best option to do so.

I was thinking that extracting timestamp from name of the file could be a nice option - I guess the timestamp on file name represents the very beginning of the task?

But actually… how timestamps are generated in Pavlovia? Local time of the respondent? Or Pavlovia server time? GMT? GMT+1?

We had a sample coming from the US - knowing that there are 3 time zones, is it possible to know the time zone of the responded within the timestamp?

Thank you in advance… that was a huge study. I hope possibility to match isn’t lost :frowning: