Timed Page not moving on

Hello Pavolvia Survey Community,

I’m creating a survey assessing cognitive functions (trying to adapt an online MoCA or MMSE questionnaire).

For a certain page (one and only one), I need the page to be timed and move to the next one after 70 seconds. Therefore, I’ve specified this number in the dedicated frame :

Here is the Json code corresponding:

“name”: “letter_F”,
“elements”: [
“type”: “comment”,
“name”: “Fluidity”,
“title”: “Écrivez un maximum de mots commençant par la lettre "F" :”,
“description”: “Séparez les mots seulement par un espace. Vous n’avez qu’une minute.”,
“hideNumber”: true,
“isRequired”: true,
“maxLength”: 0
“title”: “Fluidité”,
“navigationButtonsVisibility”: “hide”,
“maxTimeToFinish”: 70

However, when piloting the survey, the page is not switching to the next one.

I’ve also tried it with the Navigation being either on “Inherit”, “Hidden” or “Visible” but nothing changed.

So far, it looks like I need a “Validation” button whatsoever.

Any idea to go through this?

Thanks a lot!

It looks like it is working when

  • the “required” button is unticked
  • the timer is not hidden in the general survey functionnality

However, this is problematic for me as:

  1. I don’t want participants to see how much time they have left
  2. The timer text “You’ve spent XX on XX on this page” is displayed only in English.

Any thought?

Hi. I’m afraid that this is currently an open bug in Pavlovia Surveys. I’ve added a link to this thread on our task list.

Thanks a lot, I would be interested in the solution!