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Workshop tickets available! (US timezone)

Hi There,

We have some spaces available for our upcoming session next week! Please see below for details on training events:

3-day workshops Our next set of 3-day workshops are scheduled for May 19th-21st (Eastern Standard time) You can register here Pavlovia and find out more info here Creating Experiments in PsychoPy (3 days) — Workshops for PsychoPy 2020 2020

Department workshops: If you would like a department workshop or something more tailored please contact

I hope to e-meet you at one of our sessions,


(On behalf of the psychopy team)

Any discounts for PhD students?

Hi There! Unfortunately we do not offer discounted options for our 3-day intense workshops at the moment - sorry about that but here is some background info on why.

Hi Becca,

I’m a student @ university of Nottingham, I tried to register via Pavlovia, but the register button appear grey although I have checked that I completed all the required information.

‫في الاثنين، 10 مايو 2021 في 11:46 ص تمت كتابة ما يلي بواسطة ‪Rebecca Hirst via PsychoPy‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

Hi @Ghoza_Elottee - thanks for flagging - I will check this out and get back to you - are you able to send me your email address privately and I will get in touch.


Hi becca,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve just checked it again. I can see that the register button is now a clickable blue button, however when I clicked it, it doesn’t proceed me to the next page, like a confirmation page or so, so I’m not sure if I’m registered or not.

Hi @Ghoza_Elottee - I haven’t received a confirmation of your sign up (did it let you pay?) do you want to email me at and we will get your registration processed :slight_smile:

Hi @Becca. It didn’t actually let me pay. Sure I’ll email you.