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Tickets available for 3-day workshop (November)

Dear all,

We still have some tickets available for our upcoming 3-day workshop (Nov 18th-20th UK timezone) for anyone working with a budget who would like hands on support with the team

You can keep up -to-date on the full range of our training events here


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Hello Becca,

I would like to join this workshop, I was wondering how much does this ticket cost?


Hi Solmaz,

The tickets for our three day workshops are £300 :slight_smile:



I am hoping that I might learn how to best do custom coding with psychopy to do scoring using the rating function. I am familiar with the basics, and I am hoping we will cover more of the advanced stuff. Is this possible? Thank you!

Michael W.

Hi Michael,

We do spend more time using code components and doing advanced things in these workshops. But the only base knowledge that we assume is this 15 minute youtube video

You can view the kind of content we cover here to decide if it is for you :slight_smile:

In general, the 3 day structure follows:

Day 1: doing builder ‘better’ (counterbalancing, using code components for feedback etc)
Day 2: getting online (intro to pavlovia, pushing forking syncing, debugging - Q & A with JS developers and demos of more advanced directions we could take online)
Day 3: Coding an experiment from pure python and python syntax for general purpose programming

Hope this gives a bit more info what we cover :slight_smile:


Hi Becca,

I hope this email finds you well. Is their a certificate for the workshop?



Hi Becca,

I hope this email finds you well and fine. Is their a certificate for the workshop?

I need an answer as soon as possible. To register if there is a certificate.



Hi Faten,

Yes there attendees will receive a certificate of completion :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca,

I hope this email finds you well. When will you share the virtual link for the workshop? Will you use zoom or Microsoft team?

Looking forward to the workshop.


Faten Alarjani

Hi Faten you should have already received this. let me message you


I already bought a ticket. I did not receive the link to join the workshop.

Hi Faten - I have sent you a private message. The link to the workshop was sent to the email that you provided when registering the ticket on friday - please contact workshops AT for further enquiries and check the junk email of that email box in case it has gone in there.