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Experiment runs online but the tasks are not displayed as it should be

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Hi, first of all thank you so much for the clear explanations on the other topics, since I’ve managed to run the experiment with sounds by the help of them :slight_smile:

My experiment is on pilot process so I hope the link above will work.

Sound stimuli work perfectly fine but on the visual task, there should be numbers displayed on the screen, with stars. I can see the stars but cannot see the numbers (which is the important part because the participants will respond according to these numbers).

Can you help me about it?

Can’t actually access your experiment’s code, please make sure it is public (Code -> Settings -> General -> Permissions).

Changed the settings, I hope you can access now.

I can, thank you. I’ll have a look at this in a bit.

Thank you so much for creating this amazing software that makes our research easier and for your help :pray:

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Wrong @jon, actually! I made PyHab, which is a kind of add-on for running studies with babies (and all but useless right now because we can’t bring them into the lab), but @jon (Peirce) is the one behind PsychoPy.

So I have a question about how you made this. Did you hand-code the python that populates the numbers? Or did you do that as a code component? It doesn’t appear to have been translated into the JavaScript, so the numbers are just never being set when you run it online. If you hand modified the python script, it won’t work. If you did it all in builder, it may be using a component that doesn’t translate correctly.

Also, for the code component that’s in there, it won’t work. “Import” statements don’t work in code components online, and random.shuffle does not exist. Fortunately, that at least you can recreate in JavaScript, see my answer here: Pilot experiment stuck in "initialising the experiment"

I hope that helps.


Ah, then I’m thanking you both @jon @jonathan.kominsky :pray: :relaxed:

We used code component in the builder mode. As I have no background on coding, I’ll find a friend to help me and forward the info you gave :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.