The experiment doesn't work in the middle of the loop

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:In my experiment I have one Into Text, one loop in sequence and one Outro Text. The loop shows some images as trials from the spreadsheet and it stops automatically after showing the image numer 12. I couldn’t fine any error in the file excel input so maybe I should change some settings.
You may help me with this. Thanks!

Can you please provide more context?
What does your flow look like? Is the experiment crashing? What is the intended behavior, and what is actually happening?


This is how the experiment looks like.
The process should be the presentation of 45 parameters (images) in the loop trial, sequentially.
But the problem is that after 12 images the experiment stops itself.

Can you please provide the condition file as well as an image of your experiment’s images folder?

This is the folder with the experiment inside. “LoopTemplate1” is the file with the images inside and should works in Psychopy showing all the images in sequence (45 images)

Can you please share the actual condition file here? So I could take a look at it?
Also, can you add another image of the images folder?

These are the folder with the images and how the spreadsheet looks like.

What error do you receive when the experiment stops?
Could you maybe share your experiment files?


Esperimento (904.5 KB)
This is all I’m working on

The files you have sent don’t include the loopTemplate1.xlsx.
Can you please provide it as well?


loopTemplate1.xlsx (18.0 KB)
There you go