Textbox text is duplicated and scrollable

Description of the problem:
When I use a Textbox component and upload it to Pavlovia the text inside gets duplicated with itself and is scrollable. I cannot seem to turn this feature off (or on for that matter) and this behavior only happens on Pavlovia, not on my local machine (Mac).

Here is a screenshot

The two Textboxes at the bottom are also clickable with a mouse component, but in the online version nothing is clickable.

The main question: how can I get rid of the duplicated text and make it non scrollable?
And how can the buttons become clickable again.

Edit: what it should look like (it does so on my machine)

More info:

  • versions I tried this with: Psychopy v.2021.1.3 and also v.2021.1.4

Please let me know if there is other information I can supplement to make this question easier to answer. Thanks!

Please could you show screenshots of your text components? Are you also referring to them in code?


The main overview of this routine:

The long textbox component:

The other textbox components follow basically the same settings, except for position.

the mouse component

The code component. What this does is set it up so if people click on “I don’t agree” they are led to the next routine which makes the experiment quit. If they click agree the next routine is skipped and the experiment continues.

Thanks for taking an interest in my problem.

For what it’s worth, even if I just make a test.psyexp with a Textbox component and change nothing but the text and the duration to 5.0 s to make it quit automatically this error persists.

on my machine

on pavlovia

things I’ve tried so far

  • downgrade to v.2020.2.8, because this video on editable code snippets from 20 October 2020 had it working, but I got errors about a color parameter (which seemed to have been fixed in later releases). It did not work.

I’ve played around with fonts, scales, (w,h) settings but to no avail.

Thanks for the details. I can’t see any issues with your setup. Does it look okay if you use a different browser?

I think @TParsons is the best person to loop in at this point.

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For what it’s worth, I eventually replaced all Textbox components with Text components if they were supposed to be non-editable. This solved most of the problems.

Although I wish there were as many customization options for the Text component as there are for the Textbox, like the borders around a Text for instance.

I am having the same issue and applying the same solution.