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Textboxes with polygons unclickable except random areas, next trial text disappears

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Description of the problem:
Dear community,

My experiment works in PsychoPy but not in Pavlovia.

Having read about polygons, I added them to the textboxes. I am not sure how to put them in the background, so I just made them the same size and position with 0 Opacity. Regardless of whether I have polygons or not, my textboxes are hardly clickable and it takes me a lot of clicks in various places close to the border to get to the next trial.

When it finally clicks and there is a new trial, the boxes show no text, but are easily clickable.

How do I fix that the textboxes on the first trial respond to the first click and that the boxes in the next trials still show the text?

I would be grateful for your help!

Are you using the beta textbox component rather than the text component? If so, why? The issue is that your textbox checks for clicks and you are having to click round it to reach the rectangle.

In the recent versions text components are clickable online as well as polygons.

There is also a bug in textboxes which means that they need to be reset. I’m currently still avoiding them for online use.

Thanks a lot, it worked! I am very new to both PsychoPy and Pavlovia :slightly_smiling_face:

I have another question, if I may:

How can I implement the fill color and text color change when the mouse hovers over the polygon?
I used this solution Changing line colour with mouseover [Javascript] - #4 by wakecarter
and added code to the trial after the sound is presented, to the beginning of a routine, as well as the color definitions from the crib sheet. It does not work in PsychoPy or online.

Thank you in advance!

If you want something to change on hover then you will need code in an Each Frame tab, not just Begin Routine.

That makes sense. Thank you for your help, it works now!