Multiple issues with editable Textbox on Pavlovia

I need to use editable textboxes in my experiment and got multiple issues that I didn’t find answers to. I am using version 2023.1.2. These issues don’t involve any code component and should be translated automatically from PsychoPy to PsychoJS.

  • First issue is that the “placeholder text” that is supposed to show before typing in the textbox never works on Pavlovia (even with the most basic experiment : a routine with a textbox alone).
  • When having more than one textbox, the cursor is automatically placed on the last textbox on Pavlovia and not on the first textbox like in the Builder.
  • The cursor is also not at the center of the textbox and is placed randomly in the upper-left or lower-left of the textbox.

What are the solutions ?
Do you have an alternative to the textbox on Pavlovia ?

Thank you in advance.

I only found a “solution” for your second point. If I remember correctly, the cursor is placed based on the order of the textboxes in the Builder and/or the alphabetical name you give them. So play around with those and you should see the cursor move. For example, name the textbox you want to be first something like 1a_textbox and see if that works.

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