Textbox not working

Hello @Becca ,

Throughout my experiment, I am using the beta textbox function in which I ask questions and the participants task would be to type their responses. Also, towards the end of the experiment, I am presenting audio files and I would like participants to type their responses in the beta textbox. In this part, of the experiment, I would like to present two textboxs on the screen (one below the other). However, my code is not working and I am getting the following error: * ReferenceError: None is not defined

Note: I tried the code without the last part where I present audios and all work well. But when I add the last pat thats when I get errors.

Here is a URL to my script. The one I am using is called “Accent Study”

Any help would be appreciated.

Does it work with one textbox in MainExpt?

If not, then I think the issue might be that sound_2 is not defined for the first second. You could try putting text_34 in a previous routine so sound_2 can start at 0.

@wakecarter Thank you so much for your quick reply. The experiment is working now.

I appreciate it.