Participant's response textbox working local but not online

URL of experiment:

Psychopy v2022.1.3

Software platform: Psychojs

Error: referenceError: textbox is not defined

Description of the problem:
I’m working on a digit span task; I show some numbers retrieved from a csv, and then ask the participants to write their answers on a textbox. This works fine locally, both in the builder and in python ide. When uploaded to pavlovia, it triggers the referenceError.

I tried the solution posted here → this solution (even tho it is for a previous psychopy version) and it didn’t work.

I checked that visual is previously imported in the .JS visual.TextStim is working just fine, but visual.Textbox seems to be the problem… (not really sure)

I guess there is some error within these lines:

// Initialize components for Routine "recall_training"
  recall_trainingClock = new util.Clock();
  recall_train = new visual.TextStim({
    win: psychoJS.window,
    name: 'recall_train',
    text: 'Respuesta:',
    font: 'Arial',
    units: undefined, 
    pos: [0, 0.25], height: 0.05,  wrapWidth: undefined, ori: 0,
    color: new util.Color('white'),  opacity: 1,
    depth: 0.0 
  answ_train = new visual.TextBox({
    win: psychoJS.window,
    name: 'answ_train',
    text: '',
    font: 'Arial',
    pos: [0, 0], letterHeight: 0.1,
    size: [null, null],  units: undefined, 
    color: 'white', colorSpace: 'rgb',
    fillColor: undefined, borderColor: undefined,
    bold: false, italic: false,
    opacity: undefined,
    padding: 0.0,
    editable: true,
    multiline: true,
    anchor: 'center',
    depth: -1.0 

Thank you very much for your help!