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Creating Editable Textbox

MacOS Big Sur Version 11.4:
PsychoPy version v2021.1.3:
Hello. I am trying to create 4 math problems with editable text box so participants can input their responses. The issue is that after showing the first equation, the loop will not move forward to show the next equation. The experiment ends after showing ONE equation and comes up with the error “‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘replace’ on psychopy.” I originally thought the issue is with having loops so I deleted the loop and then created a different format with 4 math equations in 4 routines, without a loop, and the same issue and error popped up. I am attaching both versions named as TransitionLoop (loop with 4 equations) and TransitionOrder (4 consecutive routines) so you can look for the issue. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Here is the excel sheet for the 4 math equations used in TemplateLoop. Gmail

Dear hunyfahami,

do you mind posting (upload) your examples here in the forum instead of pointing to an “outside” service?

Best wishes Jens

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Yes but I am not sure which forum you are referring to. Do you mind sending the link here please. Thank you!

If you aren’t able to upload files to this thread, you could email them to me (wake at 2000ad dot org) and I’ll upload them for you.