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Text box is too small


I am new to Psychopy, and I am trying to build a very simple experiment, consisting in questions displayed as text, with answers underneath. I would like participant to choose the right answer out of 4 displayed anserw thorugh a set of keys (a,s,k,l).

However, the text (which comes from an excel file variable), does not show in full lines, but keeps breaking to a new line. This goes against my choice of having the 4 possible answers all displayed in one line. This text box takes approximately one third of the screen. I have checked the screen info and they are right (1920*1080). I have played aroung with text size but the text always breaks the line in the same point. Wha should I do?

Thank you for your help

Hi @cameraa,
maybe you should change the wrap width of your text (in the text component properties>advanced)?

Thank you Oceane.

I know it was a silly question, but I couldn’t google it well enough apparently.