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How to remove bounding box in psychopy textstim


I am adding a Text Stimulus to my experiment and every time I run it one of the words appears on a separate line even though it takes up only a small horizontal portion of the screen.
I was wondering how to remove the bounding box for Text Stimuli so all of the words could appear in one line.


Hi @leorelizur, which version of Psychopy are you using, and which text object are you using to present your stim?

I am using v3.0.0b10 and using the simple text object that is available in the builder mode.

Ok so the text component from Builder. If you look in the advanced tab in the text component dialog, is the wrap width parameter empty?

yes, it is.

Ok well I am not sure why this is happening. Are you loading your sentences in from an Excel file? Please post your psyexp file so I can take a look.