Survey Form Component button type problem

Continuing the discussion from Error (split) when running in Pavlovia:

Running online in Pilot mode, I get the following error in my Survey form, although runs perfectly locally.

Form Description:

To have it work online, you’ll need to use a slightly different way of specifying the form. See the demo “BigFiveInventory”

Can’t see the experiment play, since in pilot mode. I have seen that the CSV has a different order, I will try this to see if it works.

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I have reorganized the csv columns to mimic the Bigfive but I still get the error:

Any Idea why? can I see the online Bigfive? it is on pilot mode.

You could clone the big five to your account and the deploy it online. This way you’ve got your own copy. Give a shout if you could use some pointers on how to accomplish this

ok so I forked the project into my space and run it as a pilot and got this

Basically the same error. Any ideas ?

My apologies, I see that there is a difference in the way that PsychoJS parses forms and the way PsychoPy does it. I’ll need to dive in this, might take a couple of days.

no problem, if you can solve this puzzle will save my project.

Hey again, here is a quick workaround: instead of radio, use “choice”

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