Error (split) when running in Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I have created an experiment in a local version 3 of pschopy. I built the experiment in Builder, with some excel files that control the randomization of stimuli.
I created an account in Pavlovia, and I sync the experiment. No problem so far the experiment seems to sync Ok (no errors), but when I go to run it this error comes up:

No idea what to do now?

OK, so It seem that the error was do to a an issue in the survey form I had. the problem now is that Pavlovia does not like the radio button type in the survey form, but it runs perfectly locally.
Any suggestions

Survey form:

Please take a look at my crib sheet (see pinned post in online category)

Forms don’t work online

The split error is because the thing you are splitting is undefined rather than an issue with split itself

Thanks again Wakecarter!
If forms do not work online, do you have any suggestions of what to use??

Personally I integrate with Qualtrics but when necessary I use sliders, or text code or multiple choice. Have a look at my Brookes template experiment for some ideas, including embedding an html form.