Survey covered by Open Science Tools license


I bought 250 credits for my survey built with SurveyJS on Pavlovia, and tried to run it with my pilot participants yesterday. The dashboard now indicates it is running and the link works, but I can’t see any of the responses participants have sent. It also states that the survey is covered by an Open Science Tools license, and I’m not able to click the panel to change it to credits.

Since it was made with the SurveyJS component, I’m not sure if it’s possible to assign the credits to it from the Credits tab, because it asks for the path of what I think is the GitLab repo.

Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

I have also tried creating a new account and importing the experiment, but still faced the same issue: as soon as I set the experiment from Inactive to Running, the Running Mode panel selected this license and I cannot click the Credit button next to it. The survey link works, participants can answer the questions, but responses don’t make their way back to my account.