Is everything okay with my credits?

My Uni - Goldsmiths UoL has a licence and this used to display on the credits page in my account. It now says NaN available or assigned credits . and no mention of the site license. I think it’s working - someone was able to participate in my study, but I just wanted to check that everything was dandy before I try and get loads of people to access it.
Thank you

Hello @tim,

Could you give me the name of your experiment? I have just created a temporary Goldsmiths account and forked demos/stroop and when I changed the status to RUNNING, the Goldsmiths license information showed up as expected.


Thank you Alain,
here is the experiment:

Hello Tim,

I have added myself as an experiment designer for your experiment and have opened its page on
I can see the license information without any issue (see below). As far as I can tell, all is well.
Could you take a screen copy for me so I can figure out what the problem is on your end?


Thank you Alain, I get the same as you now, not sure if it was something different before or I just wasn’t looking in the right place. Participants seem to able to run it fine though.
Thanks again

No problem at all.


Hi, having a similar issue. I purchased some credits yesterday, run a few experiments and all was running smoothly.
Today my credits are NaN and cannot use the dashboard to access my experiments. However, if I go on the experiment page itself, I can see my credits and they are actually being used at the moment.

Thanks for the help.


sorry to bother again, but I really need some help.
My credits are still ‘NaN’ and cannot use the dashboard.
I can assign credits from the experiment page but not release them. Can anyone help me with that?



Hi Debora, I don’t use this forum anymore so not sure but I wonder if your query might get missed as you’re replying to a thread which has been resolved and therefore it might be better to create a new one? Good luck!

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