2 questions regarding Pavlovia Surveys

Hello there!

In pavlovia surveys I have added an URL to redirect the participants to my experiment at the end of their participation.
The problem is that even if the participant has not given his/her consent and finishes the survey, it redirects him/her to the experiment. How can I do so that the experiment is not shown if the participant did not give his/her consent? (I attach image of the experiment flow setting)

Secondly, how can I make sure that the participant has the same ID in the survey and in the experiment?

Thank you for your help.

You have three options for dissenting participants:

  1. You could use the dynamic redirection URLs within the survey settings.

  2. You could send the response to the consent question to the experiment and then only allow participants who have consented to get past the first page.

  3. You could use 2023.1.x and embed the survey into the experiment. Ideally wait for the bug fix release due in the next few days.

Here’s some more information about daisy chaining.