Study stuck on initialising since the October 22, 2023 server migration

URL of experiment: TDRRFinalVersion [PsychoPy]

Software Platform: PSYCHOJS
Version: 3.2

Description of the problem: I have been running this study for 2 years on Pavlovia (it was created 5/5/2021), but since the server migration on 10/22/2023, it has been stuck on “initialising the experiment” both when piloting and running it. I have never had an issue with it before. I have another study that was created in a newer version 2022.2.2 that is still running normally. I have made no modifications to this study and cannot think of an explanation as to why it would stop working suddenly. Has anyone else run into this issue? Please help.

Try the solution I gave here:

I will try that, thank you!