Stuck at "Initialising the Experiment"

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When I try to pilot or run my experiment, I am getting stuck at the initial screen that says “Initialising the Experiment”. I have seen a number of posts about this here on the message boards, but I haven’t been able to single out my issue.

I should say that I was able to pilot and run my project on Pavlovia before making a small change to a text stimulus in one of my loops that tells my participants how many trials they have left before the project is complete. Perhaps this could have caused it, but when I took it out and resynced my project, it still was stuck at initialising. (This change did not involve the coder function).

I heard many people had issues when trying to run their projects on Pavlovia after using the coder function. I did use it once in my project, but I was able to run it on Pavlovia prior to developing this issue.

Perhaps I have an issue with the javascript translation?


Hi There,

The easiest place to start figuring these out is through opening the developer tools in your browser and seeing if there are any error messages - there are some instructions how to open the developer tools on this crib sheet you may have come across :slight_smile: PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet