Experiment on Pavlovia stuck in initialising experiment

URL of experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/AHaan/exp_ger

Description of the problem: I have created this experiment in PsychoPy using the Builder. Offline it runs fine. However, when I try to pilot it on Pavlovia, it gets stuck on a white screen saying “initialising experiment”. Is there any way I can fix this without much knowledge about coding?

I think there are a couple of good examples on the forum to get you going.

This is one:

There’s also a tutorial of sorts for converting a Builder experiment


Usually when the experiment is stuck at initialising is because there is an error inside a code component. I don’t know javascript really well but I could not find a clear error. However, here a couple of suggestions:

  • try placing the code component at the very top of the component list
  • instead of using a code component to edit a text component try using a textbox component, which can be edited by participants without any additional code. Alternatively, you can use a slider component to collect participant’s informations.
  • if it’s not relevant to ask participants about age, gender etc. at the end of the experiment, you can collect these data at the start of the experiment, adding more “experiment info” other than participant number.

Another possible problem: it seems to me that two images (Frau, Mann) are not correclty uploaded to pavlovia. Try placing the images in the same folder as the psyexp file and remove from the excel file all the “images/”.

Let me know if those fixes your problem,

Thank you so much for your reply and tips!
I have changed the path of the pictures and changed the code component for the text input at the end to editable text boxes and now it works!