Stored keys and response times are saved in the wrong row in the final csv table

URL of experiment:
Since the task is still in piloting mode, I attach here my psyexp code
sara_task_switch_beh_psychopy.psyexp (211.7 KB)

Description of the problem:
The task works fine both locally and online from Pavlovia. However, I checked the csv table that I downloaded after testing it in pilot mode, and I noticed that the pressed keys and response times (along with some other variables I’m not interested in) seem to be saved in an out-of-phase fashion with respect to my stimuli.
Specifically, they appear to be saved in the row above the actual word stimulus (please see the attached csv file below).
42_sara_task_switch_beh_psychopy_2020-08-28_17h01.08.078.csv (123.2 KB)

I created the task using the Builder components as much as possible and only included small pieces of simple code. Thus, things like the pressed keys are automatically stored since I did not modify anything - I just simply selected “store correct” and “store last key”, as in the image below:

Any idea on how to better store my variables?

Many thanks for your help!

Anyone with a solution to this problem?