Online experiment csv output data structure issue

Hello all, i have scoured the forum and tried amending the builder data output elements to no avail…

When running the pilot online, i checked the pavlovia CSV output and was womdering, Is there a way to edit what the CSV output will be structured like? Amend the headers of columns to be in a more readable order?

In addition, it seems from column R (for 25 columns) there is a blank line in row 2 which means everything in those 25 columns is dropped down by one line, making reading the output for analysis even more difficult, is there a way to remove the blank lines?

Any help again would be greatly appreciated.

is this one resolved?

I have the same problem and I am not getting any solution…have you resolved this issue by any chance?

Thank you in advance!

Hi both, i have had no resolution as yet, still trying to figure this out

We can’t tell much from that truncated screen shot (rather than providing actual .csv output). But this could be an issue with nested loops, where one of the loops might need to have its “Is trials” setting unchecked.

I’ve put my csv output and task in this other topic:

I checked and all my nested loops have the “is trials” setting unchecked.