Not all ratings saved on Pavlovia but are saved offline

OS Win10
PsychoPy version 2020.2.10
**Standard Standalone? y

Dear All,

I am a longtime Presentation user and just recently came over Psychopy when we were first thinking about running an experiment online - thanx to Covid!.

However, thanks to the wonderful builder, first steps in Psychopy were easy so that I quickly fnished my first Psychopy Experiment. It has three very simple arousal-inducing tasks interleaved with some resting baseline periods- After these phases a total of 15 arousal and 15 anxiety ratings are run.

Offline, everything works well, so that I instantly moved the project to pavlovia (which was also failry easy)

First time running on Pavlovia was also sucessful and resulted in 0 errors. All tasks and all 30 ratings were nicely displayed on screen. Unfortunately, when viewing the results file, only 28 ratings were saved to the .csv data file.

Its a bit puzzling because offline everything works really well. Does anybody know if there is any known issue with data saving on Pavlovia?

Before buying any credits to finally run the experiment, I want to be sure that everything works properly.

Thank you and all the best

There might be some reason why your rating isn’t being saved on the first or last loop. What is the component/code saving data.

The first two ratings are simply routines. The other ratings are in loops. I already tried to upload the experiment ,again, but that did not change anything. Thus it seems to be some reproducable/ structural error. How can I check if some of the loops does not save the data? The ratings are all done with the same two routines and are thus saved in one column. Is it possible to upload files in theis forum so that I can provide you with the output data?

So are you saying that the ratings not contained within loops aren’t being saved? If so, you could put them in simple loops (nReps = 1 with no Excel file). I feel like I’ve encountered that behaviour occasionally, though not in 2020.2.10 as far as I’m aware.

Well, no, I don’t know how to identify the ratings not being saved. I only built two routines which I used 15 times each. But yes, I try building another loop around the first two ratings. Thanx!

creating a loop around the first two ratings indeed fixed the problem. - Weird…
Thank you again and all the best

I think the issue is that if you are using the same routine to save all of the ratings then without the loop your first two were getting overwritten. Adding the loop forces the data file to the next row.