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Stimuli not saved in the final output online

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Hello I am experiencing a weird error from pavlovia. Any suggestion could help a lot.

I am pulling out the stimuli and stimuli position from a condition list. Locally, both stimuli and stimuli position information were recorded in the final output. But the online experiment final output only provides the information for stimuli, not the stimuli position. Though it creates the columns for the stimuli position, but left them empty.

This is my condition files:

This is the final output from online experiment:

note: this conditional file is pulled from a nested loop, see below; The condition file information that is not saved is from discounting_trials (the inner loop). Not the outer loop.

I also tried manually save data using: thisExp.addData (). However, this also worked locally. It does not even create the column in the final result in the online experiments.


Have you tried scrolling down? The istrials flag that stops loops adding extra data lines doesn’t work online so some of my experiments have lots of extra rows at the top when run online which are related to pre trial loading of stimuli into arrays.

Also are you trying to edit the value of variables set by spreadsheets? This doesn’t work online.

Hello Wakecarter,

Thank you very much for your help.

I have scrolled down. But no data recorded.

Also I don’t think I am edit the value of variables. The spreadsheets just provide the text and position of my stimuli, eg. I have a text stimuli, the SS provides the text for each stimuli, the SS_pos provides the position for this stumuli.


Also, not sure this is helpful. This is the github page for the experiment.

Just in case you also want to take a look at the code.

Thank you!