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Pavlovia not saving experiment conditions

URL of experiment: all experiments

Description of the problem: My output csv files from pavolvia are no longer saving the experiment conditions file. For example previously the csv file would state what stimuli was presented in the experiment file, now it only shows the user responses, not what was presented. I lost a good amount of data because of this. Anyone know what’s going on?

EDIT: I have tried to change the log level to debug etc and checked of all of the boxes for what to save. However, I only get one csv file without the trial by trial data.

Hello All,

I’m running on 3.2.0 and also experiencing this issue. Any way to easily fix it? I need to know which variables are being run in each randomized trial in order to do data analysis.

I’ve uploaded an example data file to illustrate. None of the information from the conditions file is saved there.

PARTICIPANT_kerryReading_2019-09-19_16h04.27.447.csv (3.3 KB)

Please advise.

that should work technically, but try 3.1.1 version

Please refer to the following thread on how you can fix this issue:

Hi there,

Sorry about this. For what it’s worth, it turns out we had an issue where we were mixing two incompatible versions of the JS code - PsychoPy was outputting code in a way that was only compatible with a previous version of the PsychoJS lib.

We have now fixed the issue for all versions (the PsychoJS lib now handles the issue, whether or not the code exported from PsychoPy was written “correctly”). Your data file should now be collecting the conditions info correctly but let me know if you find any further occurences of this issue and if it has affected you badly for any “real” data collection.

Our apologies for the error

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