Survey running but not collecting responses

Hi All,
I have set up a Pavlovia survey and it’s running and several people have completed it, but it’s not collecting any responses, it still says ‘0’ responses after refreshing and waiting several minutes. I have set the survey to allow incomplete responses. Please advise.

Hi Rosie,

I’ve been looking into this bug today, and there does seem to be a problem with saving and redirecting on some surveys.

Does your survey end on a page with no questions (e.g. an html question)?
Is the first page a start page?
Does it have required questions (for example on the page before the final page)?
Does it have any “catch” pages where navigation buttons are hidden?

Best wishes,


This reply solves the problem:
I checked my variable names and removed punctuation from them. The error was caused by a full stop in a variable name, since that is also used to denote the separation of a variable name and the row name in a matrix table or checkbox question. Thanks a lot for your help. Rosie

Hey there! Unfortunately, i have the same issue:(
What exactly did you mean by “I checked my variable names and removed punctuation from them”. Which variable names? Can you give me an example maybe? Would be great! Thanks in advance!