Pavlovia not recording or saving completed surveys

Hi there,

I am having issues with a survey I’m running on Pavlovia. It is not recording or saving both incomplete or complete surveys.

I have two surveys running and this issue is only happening with one as far as I am aware. I have spoken to my university’s IT guys who gave me some advice. So far I have made a copy of the study that is presenting issues, and changed the settings on the newly copied version to ‘Save partial survey results in progress’ and saved changes.

This was to compare with the original study, which did not have that setting applied. Still there are no surveys being recorded. There is no trace of any interaction with the study in the response section for either study despite being completed multiple times by different people.

Thank you.

I don’t think Pavlovia Surveys records data from incomplete responses. The data is saved at the end. When you test the survey and submit the data and refresh your data tab, do you see any data? Are there any error messages?

Hi nmurphy , i’m having the same issue, my survey is running and people have completed it, but no replies or data has been collected. did you manage to solve it?


I’ve been looking into this bug today, and there does seem to be a problem with saving and redirecting on some surveys.

Does your survey end on a page with no questions (e.g. an html question)?
Is the first page a start page?
Does it have required questions (for example on the page before the final page)?
Does it have any “catch” pages where navigation buttons are hidden?

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