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Sound task freezes with no error msg


Last year, I developed a go/no-go task on PsychoPy v1.84.2 using the Builder and it runs with no problem on my laptop (Windows 10). Now I need to run it on another Windows laptop (Windows 7 Enterprise), on which I downloaded the same version of PsychoPy. Here the task freezes (black screen and not responding window) as soon as I open the file and it does not give any error message in the output window.

The task uses two different sounds (high pitch and low pitch tone). The flow starts with one routine of instructions, and then there are two routines (“LowSound” and “HighSound”) to introduce the two sounds. These two routines are analogous and include text and sound components as shown in the screenshot below. Three response keys are allowed and, thanks to the code component, they have different functions:

  • ‘a’ to continue the inner loop (e.g. LowSoundLoop) and repeat the sound again
  • ‘space’ to end the inner loop and move to the next sound/loop
  • ‘return’ to end both the inner and outter loop and go on with the instructions to the next routine.


What is interesting is that, in the new laptop, if I remove these two sound routines and their loops, the task does not freeze, it manages to open completely and the rest of the flow runs just fine!

Do you have any suggestion to fix this issue? Since I don’t get any error message, I don’t know what I should work on to fix this. The problem seems to be only those routines/loops but I don’t understand if it’s poor coding, a problem at uploading the sound library, or what else. Any help would be highly appreciated!

Many thanks