Sound not playing online, instead hear beeps

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
Goal: I want to play a sound in my experiment for 5 seconds. Ideally I want to save the track name under a variable to be able to change the sound being played throughout my study based on certain conditions.

problem: While the sound plays for 5 seconds, it seems like psychojs is not retrieving the file, even though the filename is hardcoded in the sound function in the value parameter and the file exists in my gitlab repo. Instead, i hear a pure tone sound for 5 seconds.

I am using firefox developer edition but have the same issue in Chrome. I am using version 2020.2.10 of psychojs

Does your sound component have a duration of 5 seconds? I would recommend that you have a 5 second sound with no duration in the component.

Also, is (was) the sound file being downloaded? You might need to add it in the online tab of Experiment Settings.

thanks for your reply! yes it has a 5 second duration, secs=5 when initiatialized. the sound file is downloaded in a folder and coded into the task

Try leaving the duration blank

I think I’ve figured out the problem it is that psychoJS does not have a hamming window to smooth the signal which leaves my soundwave to come across as a square/sawtooth