Sound stops playing on Pavlovia


I have an experiment which includes images paired with sounds. I already used these stimuli before. But now for some reason I am having an issue - some sounds play for about 1 second and suddenly stop playing. Some sounds are not playing at all. Each sound is 20 seconds in average and are in wav format. Any ideas why that can be?

Do these errors happen in a particular browser? or across browsers? Also if you specify a number in the duration field of the sound component (e.g. 20) do these sounds play for longer? or still cut?


My experience (at least with 2020 versions) is that the duration needs to be blank for online use.

I think it should be fine to use set durations with 2021.

That said a bug (which has a fix in place for the next release) prevented me from changing duration trial-by-trial. Nevertheless there is a work around and I hope this helps:

In this demo songs can play for different durations trial-by-trial without being cut short (at least in chrome)

Files can be found here Rebecca Hirst / sound-durations · GitLab and made in 2021.1.4

@MarinaIosifian could you try formating your sounds in a similar way to see if that works for you? (if possible using this latest psychopy release will be recommended)

Hope this helps,

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Cool. I’ve change the note in my 2021 crib sheet on audio stimuli from Don’t Use Stop durations to Don’t Use variable Stop durations

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It happened across different browsers. When I specified duration, nothing changed - it wasn’t working. I am not sure if it helped, but I changed the format from wav to mp3 and they seem to play fine now.