Mp3 sound file not reproduced online

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Description of the problem:
Hello, I am new to PsychoPy and JavaScript and I got stucked to a problem.
I created an experiment where participants have to listen to an arithmetic operation and to type write the result.
I created a loop with a screen for the instruction (“Press the space bar to listen to the operation”) and the routine with the sound, the code for typing the answer and some code to get the response time. The sounds/operations are presented sequentially. Before listening to a new operation, subjects read again the instruction and, when they are ready, they press the space bar to listen to the operation.
I uploaded the experiment in Pavlovia. It works, but the audio is not reproduced: you can only hear a beep.
Sound files are in mp3 format.
They are stored in the “resources” folder of the repository.
I am using Chrome. I tried to run the experiment in Firefox and there is the same problem.
I don’t know what to do now. Could you please help me? I am new to PsychoPy and PsychoJS. Any piece of advice would be extremly appreciated!
Thank you!

If it can be useful, I am sharing here the PsychoPy experiment
MentalCalc.psyexp (24.4 KB)

I solved the audio problem removing the loop and inserting as many routines as my sounds. Now the sounds are reproduced online.
However, I am facing other two issues:

  • I can visualise the typed response to the first sound item only. In the next items, nothing appears on the screen when I press any key. The “return” key works to end the item.
  • In the dataset, only the response to the last item is reported (although I didn’t see the digits while I was typing them).
    Does someone know what could be done to fix these problems?
    Thank you!

Hi there,
I managed to complete my online mental calculation task successfully.
What I had to do was:

  • to rename all the variables in my code elements in each routine
  • to create a new folder in my PC copying only the useful files because probably there were some invisible elements that made some noise (but I am not sure)