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Sound components are not playing

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Hello,

I am successfully running a memory task online. I decided to copy the project and add a ‘pop’ sound in order to have the sound accompany images popping up. I was able to sync the project and it seems to run fine, however I don’t hear the sounds while running the experiment.

Based on what I saw on this forum, I used an mp3 file and cropped the sounds so that they are short, and I left the duration blank. Here are screenshots of how I set it up:

I would appreciate any insight on how to resolve this! I also think it could be a good idea to add a sound after participants click an answer, I’m just trying to make the task more engaging for young children!

Thank you,

try setting the sound component ‘at every repeat’ instead of constant?

Thank you so much! That solved it! Do you also know how to make a sound play right after a mouse click by any chance? :joy:

you can make the mouse click the last thing happening in the routine prior to the one where the sound component is. in that way right when the click is made the sound will be the next thing happening

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