SONA --> Pavlovia --> qualtrics--> SONA

I am trying to set up an experiment where students sign up on SONA, click the Pavlovia experiment link, which then should redirect to Qualtrics at the end of the study. I know there is a super useful document explaining this process to transfer IDs when starting AND ending with Qualtrics but I am getting confused when trying to think about going from SONA straight to Pavlovia- what do I need to change in order to have consistent IDs and automatic credit granting after completing the Qualtrics questionnaire?

Thank you!

HI JMS, try this. From the document you have linked, replace item 2 " Under ‘Study URL’, paste in your Qualtrics survey link and add ?id=%SURVEY_CODE% at the end of the link (case sensitive)"

with " Under ‘Study URL’, paste in your PAVLOVIA link and add ?participant=%SURVEY_CODE% at the end of the link (case sensitive)

See if this works.

Note - the pavlovia link will look something like:

When I do it that way, don’t I need to make my completed URL at the end of the study go back to SONA (as it says here)?
I cannot do that because I want to redirect the participant to Qualtrics (so that is what my completed URL is).

Yes you would, in the above example I gave I demonstrated how to get from Sona to Pavlovia.

To get from Pavlovia to Qualtrics depends on whether you want to pass the participant ID from Pavlovia or not. I’ve created a walkthrough for how to do this for Cardiff Uni members which I’ll attach here as a series of jpgs (the site won’t let me upload a word doc). You’ll simply need to replace any references to Cardiff Uni sites with your own institution.

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This is amazing - thank you so much! I wish all how-to guides were this easy to follow.

One thing I missed though-in order for SONA to automatically assign credit, doesn’t qualtrics need to redirect back to SONA after they finish the questionnaire (like it says here)? In that linked example, the redirect link is taken from the original SONA qualtrics link- is that the case here even though it’s a pavlovia link and not a qualtrics one? Apologies if I’m not explaining this clearly!

Yes, you now need to follow the instructions for how to terminate a Qualtrics questionnaire with a redirect to Sona as shown in that example. Because, you have passed the original Sona ID as a variable between each platform, you can pass that variable back to Sona.

In the above examples, you passed the participant ID as a variable called “Participant” from Sona to Pavlovia, then as a variable called “ID” from Pavlovia to Qualtrics. Sona expects a variable called “survey_code” so you build this URL in Qualtrics by using your Sona URL and a variable called survey_code that is set to the value of “ID”.

So using the document you reference, assuming your variable received in Qualtrics is called “ID” you would insert the following code in the survey termination element:$(e://Field/ID) -nb the bold part is your URL for Sona and ID is the name of the variable Qualtrics received the ‘participant id’ to.

Apologies if the above seems convoluted to understand but the best way to describe the process regardless of where you start and finish is that each piece of software is passing some kind of participant id using an URL with an appended variable (i.e. a variable name such as ID) set to a value. Each software builds this differently depending on its own method but essentially this is all you are doing. So long as you pass the same VALUE between each program you will be able to use it in that program or pass it to another.

I think I understand the process and am pretty sure I did everything correctly…unfortunately I don’t know for sure because I still have a bug in my experiment in Pavlovia so I can’t test it out just yet.
Thank you so much for your very thorough and easy to understand explanations :slight_smile: