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Some notes from making an online study

Hi All,

I realise that the online facility is still pre-release, here are some observations that might help with development, these are things that don’t translate correctly into JS, but could be made to work by editing the index.html file:

  1. When I added strings to the beginning of each trial the units were specified as ‘‘height’’ not ‘height’ - (that’s two single inverted commas on each end rather than a single inverted comma). This caused it to hang.

  2. I had 30 or so images in a sub-folder, there weren’t found correctly despite having the sub-dir in the experiment’s .csv file. (resource not found error). Things worked when I moved the images into the main folder and changed the .csv file.

  3. The names of images that load directly (not specified in the .csv, just used for instructions) weren’t enclosed in inverted comma’s, adding the inverted commas fixed this.

  4. The columns from my .csv file (image parameters and filenames) aren’t getting saved in the participant response file (.csv) - this might be my own omission - do I have to specify what values I want output?

Best wishes,

Thanks George. Hopefully we’ll get all these done soon for v1.85.2

  1. That’s now fixed:

  2. I can’t replicate this.

  3. That’s now fixed:

  4. That’s now fixed:

Hi Jon,

Yes, I’m using 1.85.1.

  1. “added strings” - I added extra text that was presented upon the screen during a trial, this text had units specified as ’ ‘height’ ’ with extra inverted commas.

  2. On my desktop the images were placed in a sub-folder, these were correctly copied into a sub-folder in the resources but they weren’t accessed correctly by the online study. So I had to move into the experiment main folder and recompile to html so that the study ran.

3-4) cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


I’ve updated the answer to indicate fixes (1. is now fixed in the repository too). You might need to send me a minimal example of (2) so I can try to replicate it (or at least a url for me to test?)

Hi Jon, I’ve sent a link etc via facebook messenger. George

Yes, the current version in the github repository appears to be handling that folder structure just fine. I think either this a problem on your server or the JS version you have isn’t up to date. The latter is probably more likely.

Are you using the repository version via git?
Is the browser definitely using the latest copy or has it cached the JS code from last time (if you changed something in your experiment does it change in the browser?). I found with Chrome I had to tell it not to cache my JS files: